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Leeds Health Solutions offer pre-placement screenings as part of your business's recruitment process.

This ensures that potential employees you may recruit are fit for the proposed role they have applied for and gives your business an indication of an individuals health for giving reliable and effective service in the future.

We conduct our pre-placement screenings by the following:

  • Completion of our Pre-placement Health Questionnaire.

  • If required, follow-up telephone call:- to obtain further medical information by a member of our occupational health team.

  • Issue a Certificate of Fitness:- This will be issued indicating medical suitability and giving advice on any reasonable adjustments or recommendations to the job role which may be required and covered under the disability remit of the Equality Act.

  • Drug and Alcohol screening:- this can be arranged as part of your business's recruitment process.

Leeds Health Solutions offer a 24 hour turnaround for pre-placement screenings so your business can make decisions with little or no delay.

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Pre-Placement Assessments: Our Services
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