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Leeds Health Solutions has fully trained collection staff who are able to undertake drug and alcohol screening through various methods under the Chain of Custody procedure either at our clinic or on a site of your choice.

We offer a range of Drug and Alcohol Services:

  • Pre-placement and periodic screening:- screening which is undertaken in line with a recruitment process or as part of a specific job role requirement.

  • Random Testing:- is a urine screen. There are 2 types of screening, an instant test which gives results within minutes covering a selected range of drugs and a laboratory test where the sample is sent for full drug analysis.

  • For Cause:- a urine screen which is undertaken when there is reasonable suspicion or evidence to suspect an employee has taken drugs. This sample is sent to the laboratory for full drug analysis.

  • Alcohol Screening:- screening is underaken by a specimen of breath.  An alcometer then measures how much alcohol is in the exhaled breath produced.

  • Medical Review Officer:- a Medical Review Officer is able to verify and interpret any non-negative results and offer justifications for any decisions reported.

All our staff are highly professional and competent in the collection of drug and alcohol samples and the analysis of results.

Drug Testing
Drug & Alcohol Screening: Our Services
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